In this Episode Adura breaks down one of the most important this aspiring real estate investors must do before trying to enter this business. Often times people just jump in head first without even defining WHY they are entering this business.


Adura also illustrates the REAL reason why people get involved with real estate investing. The reason will surprise you. This is a episode that forces you to ask yourself gut wrenching questions. What are you hoping to get out of this business?


In this Episode of Real Transformation – No Nonsense Real Estate Investing Podcast

* The Definition of Transformation


*How to Properly Use Fear


*Why most people that get involved in Real Estate Investing ultimately Fail


*The Real Reason Why People Get involved in this business


*How and Why Adura got involved in Real Estate Investing.


*The reason why not having a strong Enough WHY can destroy your business.


*The concept of Time vs Money


*The Gut Wrenching Questions you must ask yourself before doing anything else