In our new Installment of Tales From the Trenches, we sat down with Nasar Elarabi. Nasar is a self proclaimed DORU. After speaking with him in this candid interview, i must agree. Nasar has gone from struggling investor to recently breaking his biggest month financially.  Walk with us as we chronicle Nasar’s journey. Listen and take notes. This interview could give you the breakthrough that you are looking for.

In this interview we discussed:


-How Nasar got introduced to REI


-How he shifted his mindset to help do more deals


-How he was able to quit his dead end job


-Tips for breakthrough in your business


-How exactly he sources his deals.


-His journey to full time investor


-Insight on his back end infrastructure


-How to set goals and fall forward


Be sure to check out Nasar’s Youtube channel. You can also connect with him on twitter here.