In this episode i chopped it up with Tracy Caywood from the Property Mob. Tracy is what i would call an OG in the Real Estate Wholesaling game. She has been in the business since 1998. I wasn’t even in High School in 1998. She’s seen it all. She was flipping houses before high speed internet even existed. If you are looking to hear from someone that has attained longevity in this business then this is a MUST listen. Be sure to visit Tracy’s site.


In this Episode We Talk About:


-How Tracy Got Started.


-The steps you must take to be successful in this business


-Her favorite Lead sources


-The exact Sales Funnel that Tracy uses to do 3-5 deals per month


-Starting today vs back in 1998


-How to automate your business


-The Secret to being a successful marketer


-Tracy’s formula for whether she goes to see a property or not


-The lead source that Put Tracy on Jacksonville’s most wanted list