Adura, ive gotten my first check. Now What??

In today’s episode of iFlip Friday i answer the pressing question: what do i do after i close my first deal?


One of the reasons why this business is so cool, is that you can be almost a complete newbie and still stumble into closing a deal.


The major problem a lot of us face when starting out is lack of funds. Lack of funds is the number 1 enemy of your business.




What if you are able to persevere your way to your first deal? This is awesome because you now have the ability to re-engineer similar deals with the profits from your first deal .


I recall doing my first deal and never looking back. Why? Simply because i pretty much re-invested all of the proceeds back into my business. Discipline! Often times i see people doing their first deals and then going to make lavish purchases.


Then they are stuck wondering what to do next?


The key is to act like you never even made this money and re-invest it back into your wholesale real estate investing business.

The moral of the story is: Just continue working towards that first deal. That first deal can completely change your life. That first deal can spark the momentum needed to start a full time house flipping business.


From now on i want you to focus on simply getting that first deal by ALL means necessary . Even if it means you have to get another job, use your tax refund money, borrow funds from your mom (i did this), etc etc.


Just purpose in your heart & mind that you will do all it takes to get that first deal.


I’m aggressively saying this because that first deal can change the trajectory of your whole business.