No Money Down, No Cash Needed, No Credit…..Make Boatloads of Cash in (insert short amount of days)

Do those words above sound familiar? These are words heard around the country by unsuspecting newbies and real estate interests. These are possibly some of the most misleading words when it comes to real estate investing education


In today’s episode of iFlip Friday i answer the pressing question: do i need money when starting out in real estate investing?


I’m a big believer in getting started properly. A big reason people fail when it comes to real estate investing is that they were given very unrealistic expectations.


For Example: “By my course and you won’t need ANY money, but you’ll make a $100,000”


My goal with iFlip Academy is to set you guys on the right path. No Games, No gimmicks  No Fluff. If you think you can get started with absolutely NO money, then you are setting yourself up for extreme failure.


Unfortunately most people hear about real estate investing from someone who is only simply trying to push a product.


Guess What? When pushing a product, it’s much easier to sell users on how easy something is rather than talking about the work that goes into the process. It’s up to you not to drink the Kool-Aid.


Now lets look at the flip side. If you get started knowing that you will need money, time, and effort, your chances of success have dramatically increased!


Why? Simply because you came in with the proper awareness.