I feel like a conspiracy theorist of some sort. Week after week i get questions from confused newbies who have been bamboozled.


One of my jobs is to set you guys on the right path so that you are not spinning you wheels in this business.


Time is one of the most precious commodities we have in life. Time is even more valuable when prioritizing what activities you should be be engaged in with your wholesale real estate business.


With that being said, it absolutely kills me when i see newbie investors wasting the most valuable asset they have.


In today’s episode i answer the frequently asked question of: Should i pursue deals or pursue buyers in my real estate investing business?


I must say this is one of the most misleading topics in the wholesale real estate investing niche. This is not to be taken lightly. Many aspiring investors have wasted countless amounts of time and energy pursuing the wrong tactics.


Guess what people do after they have spent months working on a completely useless activity because a guru told them to?



This sucks because people end up quitting because of percieved lack of results. When in reality thier lack of results was based on focusing on the wrong activities. Watch today’s Episode to Find out once and for all, where you should be focusing your efforts.