One thing that really grinds my gears is when i see people not treating thier Real Estate business like a BUSINESS! There are certain things you must understand in this business. The first thing is to actually treat it as such!


Almost daily hundreds of people jump head first into this real estate opportunity without really even understanding their actions from a business model point of view. For example as a wholesale investor, what is your job? Some folks don’t even understand the definition of business! No worries, i’ve got you covered!


In today’s episode of iFlip Friday i break down the wholesale business model. Have you ever wondered what wholesaling real estate is from a high level business point of view?


Wholesaling real estate is an awesome opportunity but it’s very misleading.Wholesaling is a great LEARN while you EARN opportunity. If utilized properly you get to learn the business of real estate while actually generating revenue. Thats great right!?


Unfortunately chances are you learned about this business from some late night TV commercial that promised you heaven on earth. The problem is that this real estate investing stuff actually takes strategy + work. Think about it. If you were going to buy a McDonalds franchise; can you imagine how much market research, site development, and feasibility studies you would have to go through before ever flipping a burger??


How come most gurus sell real estate investing as this easy whiz bang solution? Unfortunately it’s because people like to be told how easy things are. Basically its much easier to just tell you how easy it is in order to


From now on i want you to think as a strategic business owner as opposed to a newbie just trying to cash in and do a measly deal. Lets start being analytical and treating this business like we are in it for the long run. Then watch how things start changing. Check out the episode and comment below!