Real Transformation Genesis – Episode 001

  Sound The Trumpets   The Real Transformation – No Nonsense Real Estate Investing Podcast is now Live.     In this Episode You’ll Learn:   1. Why you are crazy for even listening.   2. How Adura even got involved in Real Estate .  ... read more

FOCUS, young grasshopper

In this Episode:  00:05 – The most important thing you can do 01:21 – The Dangers of Shiny Object Syndrome 01:42 – The Jack of all Trades 02:14 – What i did, in order to change my business 03:02 – The Light-switch Moment? 04:43 – Do this in order to succeed.  ... read more

Probate Investing Question & Answer

  One of my subscribers who has started going to the probate office to pull files had a question. Essentially he wanted to know how to dissect the information he was looking at in the files. In this video i do a full breakdown of the screenshots he sent over to... read more
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