Blog Post

  A Step By Step Guide To Wholesaling After closing hundreds of wholesale deals, I have realized there is a shitload of misinformation that exists when it comes to real estate investment education. My goal with this lengthy blog is to give you a strategic,... read more

RTP 012: 2014 State of The Union Address

2014 is HERE   What now though? In this episode of the podcast i dive into my 2014 State of the union address.   I talk about   -Reflecting on 2013   -Why most Real Estate Investors are Failing   -What it takes to stop loosing and START... read more

RTP 011: REI Lessons From a Mobster

In this episode i chopped it up with Tracy Caywood from the Property Mob. Tracy is what i would call an OG in the Real Estate Wholesaling game. She has been in the business since 1998. I wasn’t even in High School in 1998. She’s seen it all. She was... read more

PAT form

* *Lead Status should always be “Pre Screening” * *Please enter ALL information about the house in Description Section  * * Be Sure To Confirm the address with the seller **   End Of Call: Ok, it looks like we’ve covered everything. I will pass this... read more

RTP 010: Talking To Sellers (Live Coaching Call)

This episode is VERY different. I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of my iFlip University Sessions. I shared with my students, How To Talk to Homeowners that call us. Not only did we talk about it, we also did some LIVE role-playing. Check this out ASAP.... read more

RTP 009: Probate Investing Unleashed

  In this episode i break down a little niche that had made me ALOT of money. I get alot of questions about the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate Investing. Now tune in as i give you the run down on how to use this strategy.   In this Episode I Talk About:... read more
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